Wednesday, January 11, 2006

E & R #1

Volume one is the funniest of the series.

E & R #2

Volume #2 features archive material including pieces that never made it on "The Element that Defies Description" and a bizarre remix of "Shoes."

E & R #3

Volume #3 is the most embarrassing of them all, but as the liner notes say: "that really shouldn't stop me and I won't let it!"

E & R #4

The fourth tape in the series breaks with the Embarrassing nature of the series but it is just as fun as these tapes. It features three-track works including some crazy pause edit works featuring Barb Hall, Lawrence Salvitore and cheesy old source tapes all engaging in an animated dance. Certainly no fourth dancer was needed for this dance instruction cassette release.

E & R #5

#5is dedicated to Ken Clinger who has inspired me not only with this series (loosely inspired by his Winnie & Friends compilation series) but with various KCesque keyboard works that appear here. This included many demo tracks of Bodycocktail works that never quite got official cool versions. It includes my hits "Juvi DUI", "Drizzly Day" and "Happy You & Me." This was recorded and compiled in mid-May 1995.

E & R #6

E&R #6 is a goodie. Unearthing some rarities of consequence for posterity... a yummy version of "Sweet Smile", "Agog's Silver Wall Warts" composition, the long lost "Balkans Song", the joyous "Outer Space is Too Far Away" and finishing off with the excellent prototype "Asa Noisely".